Trump Asks “Who Pays” When Obama Flies Hillary on Air Force One

While the liberal elite continues to sing praise after praise of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, Donald Trump has taken it upon himself to expose both of their abuses of money and power.

Not waiting until his party’s convention in August, the president has thrown Bernie Sanders to the wayside and pledged his support to Hillary, joining his former Secretary of State on the campaign trail in North Carolina. While this can be read simply as Obama doing Hillary a solid, it just as easily could be a sign that he is deeply afraid that she could lose to Trump and feels the need to rally as much support for her as he can.

None of this was lost on Trump who drew attention to one particular aspect of the two Democrats’ alliance: their mode of transport. While it is common practice for sitting presidents to travel on Air Force One, it is most definitely not common for candidates seeking that office to ride on it to campaign functions. Yet this is exactly what Obama allowed Hillary to do, inviting her to ride on the storied plane with him. Disgusted by this blatant display of favoritism, Trump cut to the heart of the matter by asking “Who pays?” The answer, of course, is the taxpayers, with even Americans who don’t support Hillary forced to foot her bill.

Without so much as skipping a beat, the White House leapt to defend it’s inappropriately-friendly rapport with Clinton, maintaining that it abided by all regulations governing political expenditures and travel. Reading the administration’s statement, one can help but be reminded of Hillary’s repeated insistence that she broke no laws when she sent classified emails from her private server even though it has become abundantly clear that she did. And just like the FBI’s decision in that case, Obama’s decision to make Americans pay for Hillary to ride around on Air Force One is, as Donald Trump said on Twitter, “a total disgrace”:

“A White House official told a Time magazine reporter that the Obama administration, like previous administrations, follows ‘all rules and regulations to ensure that the [Democratic National Committee] or other relevant political committee pays what is required for the President to travel to political events.’”

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