Trump Blows Fundraising Through The Roof

Beating all expectations, presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump puts to rest any doubts about his fundraising abilities by bringing in a whopping $51 million for the month of June.

Trump raised over $26 million for his own campaign, and another $25 million for the Republican National Committee during the month of June, his campaign announced Wednesday.

Much of the money has come in during the last 10 days of the month, as Trump’s campaign initiated requests for donations online for the first time.  The campaign said more than 400,000 supporters made donations in June – and one day the total was over $3 million.

Trump’s fundraising success has proven he has the ability to raise huge amounts of cash by simply asking his loyal supporters to contribute… something he has held back from doing until now.

Trump also personally contributed $3.8 million to his campaign during the month of June, raising the total to $55 million.

Reportedly, Hillary Clinton’s campaign said they have raised a combined $70 million, with $40.5 million of that going directly to her campaign.

Trump has frequently stated that he doesn’t need that much money to win the White House, and has been very frugal with his spending.

“We just started our fundraising efforts in the last week of May and we are extremely pleased with the broad-based support in the last five weeks for the Trump Campaign and Trump Victory,” campaign finance chairman Steve Mnuchin said. “We want to thank our many volunteers and contributors that are committed to electing Donald J. Trump as President in November.”

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