Trump campaign strikes back: reclaiming “stolen” delegates from Ted Cruz and Establishment

The Donald Strikes back. Mr. Trump spearheaded an effort to regain his “stolen” delegates from Ted Cruz and others who plan on turning the Cleveland convention into a brawl.

While Trump himself has been reclaiming delegates.

Trump has been hiring top “Delegate counters” and is prepared to fight for the nomination if he falls short of the magical 1237 delegate count.

It appears the magic is working, and Trump is gaining back delegates stolen from Cruz. Some even say Rubio delegates are now converting to Trump.


New York (CNN)Donald Trump is tabling his go-everywhere approach and hunkering down in his home state ahead of the New York primary, as his campaign aims to take a more disciplined approach to the delegate hunt.

A bruising defeat in Wisconsin capped off a tumultuous stretch for Trump, which included comments that managed to offend both supporters and opponents of abortion rights, the arrest of Trump’s campaign manager and an internal struggle between top campaign aides.
“There’s definitely a little bit of a downward ebb right now, but we see a big rebound in the coming primaries,” said Jesse Benton, chief strategist for the Great America PAC, a pro-Trump super PAC.
He’s eyeing the mid-Atlantic primaries on April 26 as a moment for redemption.
“Trump is on pace to be the nominee,” Benton said. “We think the 26th will go a long way to resetting the narrative.”
The long and winding road to the Republican nomination
The Trump campaign is overhauling its schedule to go all in in the Empire State. Trump abandoned plans to travel west this week for a news conference in California, a rally in Colorado and an appearance at Colorado’s state convention where 37 delegates will be selected.
The change of plans came just as the campaign announced Thursday that Paul Manafort, a veteran GOP hand who recently joined the campaign, is being tasked with an expanded role to “direct the campaign’s activities” as it looks to secure the necessary delegates to clinch the nomination.
“The nomination process has reached a point that requires someone familiar with the complexities involved in the final stages. I am organizing these responsibilities under someone who has done this job successfully in many campaigns,” Trump said in a statement, pointing to Manafort’s involvement in managing convention activities for Republicans Gerald Ford, Ronald Reagan, George H.W. Bush and Bob Dole’s presidential campaigns.

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