Trump Claims If He Isn’t GOP Nominee, He Will Run Independently And Take Millions of Votes

For a long time now, Trump has been the frontrunner among the Republicans, but rumors are the GOP is trying very hard to find someone more ‘suitable’ as the nominee. Why – we don’t know.

But Trump isn’t all deaf to these claims and today he issued a warning shot at the establishment – if he isn’t the nominee he will run independently and he will take millions of votes – he is sure of it.

“Do I want to? No. I’m leading by a lot with Republicans,” the GOP presidential front-runner said on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” program.

“The establishment — they want to throw that right out the window. Because if I get out, all those people are going, they’re all going with me.”

“They’re spending now $100 million on negative, phony ads on Trump University,” the billionaire developer said, referring to his controversial real-estate college some have alleged is a scam.

“I signed a letter with the RNC and I said I want to do this as a Republican. But I’m not being treated the right way, I’m not being treated properly,” Trump told host Joe Scarborough.

“Whether I ran as an independent or not, those people will never go out and vote. They didn’t vote for Romney last time.”

“The biggest story in all of politics isn’t so much what’s going on with Mitt Romney, it’s the fact that the Republicans are gaining millions and millions of people because of me,” Trump said.

Trump is serious about this, and he may have the right to be so. He is by far the most voted ‘Republican’ until now, but is frightened by the GOP’s decision since they have repeatedly dropped some hints that they are NOT planing to choose him as the nominee.

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