Trump Congress Assigns First Agenda: Immediate Shutdown Of Obama’s Deal To Arm Iran

It will not be business as usual in Washington D.C today on. With President Elect Donald Trump set to take office on January 21st and Congress solidly Republican, it seems that current lawmakers are starting to test the waters of what a Trump administration will look like.

Last year, after 20 months of negotiations, a group of nations, led by the United States, signed a deal to significantly limit Tehran’s nuclear ability for more than a decade in return for lifting international oil and financial sanctions.

On the surface this seems like a deal that would benefit the world by monitoring Iran’s capital city and its nuclear capabilities. Obama claimed that the agreement was “not built on trust — it is built on verification.”

It appears that a new relationship would begin with a country that has a long history of coups, hostage-taking, terrorism and sanctions. As most things with the Obama administration, this deal was not as good as it appeared.

Israel’s Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, called it a “historic mistake” that would create a “terrorist nuclear superpower.”

It barely limits Tehran’s ability, and even those limitations are capped after a certain amount of years. The deal allows Iran to produce as much fuel as it wants to after year 15 of the agreement. After 8 years, Iran can begin conducting advanced research.

In concessions for the deal Obama wanted, the Iranians won the eventual lifting of an embargo on the import and export of conventional arms and ballistic missiles — a step the departing chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Gen. Martin E. Dempsey, warned about.

The deal is incredibly short sighted and seems to mostly be about Obama making a legacy for himself. Even he admitted in an interview with NPR that the time limits might be flexible. In “year 13, 14, 15” of the agreement, the breakout time might shrink “almost down to zero.” Glossing over this little fact, he pushed this deal through and celebrated the victory.

The truth of his “deal”

The truth of his “deal”

Our President Elect has already spoken about his thoughts on this deal, calling it a “lopsided disgrace” and the “worst deal ever negotiated,” and expressing dismay against its time-limited restrictions.

In a preview of this new administration, Republican members of the House of Representatives are expected to overwhelmingly pass legislation today that would prohibit the Obama administration from facilitating the sale of U.S. aircraft to Iran. As one senior congressional source stated, Iran is likely to use American-made planes to rebuild its aging air force.

Congress has repeatedly expressed its frustration with Obama and his continuing allowances to Iran. Their concerns include the fact that Iran has a history of converting civilian planes for use in its air force and military.

Representative Peter Roskam of Illinois, has been outspoken about his dislike of the deal,

“It’s no secret I’ve been a vocal critic of the Iran deal—it was a horrible idea at the time and it has proven even worse as we’ve learned about secret side deals and more unilateral concessions to the Mullahs. But even those who supported the [nuclear deal] should support this bill.

Roskam went on to say, “We should not be surprised to see Iran’s latest military demonstrations feature Boeing 747s. It is incredibly irresponsible for any American company to sell products to the Islamic Republic that can easily be used for military purposes.”

This is the future of Congress as Donald Trump will not make deals such as this because he views it as giving in to countries that are a nuclear threat to the world.

Obama has already promised that he will veto the bill if the House passes it. In a desperate bid to hold on to a deal that is not in our best interest, a statement from the White House read “The bill would undermine the ability of the United States to meet our JCPOA [Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action] commitments…”

They are afraid this bill will be, “effectively prohibiting the United States from licensing the sale of commercial passenger aircraft to Iran…” That is exactly what our new administration will seek to do and this is simply a hint of the important changes to follow.

The White House stresses that the aircraft would be for, “exclusively civil end uses.” However, we already know that Iran will not abide by this limit and that selling those aircraft will ultimately be a boost to their military.

A GOP aide familiar with the pending legislation said, “The American people gave us a mandate to fight radical Islamic terrorism. Preventing aircraft sales to the world’s leading terror state is a pretty good start. The Boeing-Iran sale is a great opportunity for President Elect Trump to claim an early national security win.”

It is clear that Congress has been bolstered by the election of Donald Trump and they are ready to begin fighting back against Obama. He has stifled them for years and they are as ready for a change in administration as the public is.

As Obama leaves office, the American people can breathe a sigh of relief. With him, he takes a long record of giving in to terrorists, not following through on sanctions, and trying to win friends over securing our country.

He has conceded too much to our adversaries already. Donald Trump’s Presidency promises a much tougher agenda on national threats while ensuring that the American people are safe. Our country and the entire world will be safer with a President who will not bow to terrorists, but will stand up and destroy them.

H/T: Conservative Daily Post

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