Trump Delivers Blunt Message To “Working People” After AFL-CIO Endorses Hillary

In a not unexpected turn of events, the Democrat-aligned and liberally biased leadership of the AFL-CIO labor union conglomerate officially endorsed former secretary of state and presumptive Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton for president.

That news didn’t sit well with billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, as he has spent considerable effort throughout the campaign to appeal to American workers, the same people who make up the rank and file of labor unions.

Trump posted a statement to his official campaign website Thursday that sent a direct message to those hard-working men and women of the AFL-CIO, many of whom undoubtedly resented seeing their union dues being spent on political efforts and candidates they don’t support.

“Sadly with this endorsement of Hillary Clinton — who is totally owned by Wall Street — the leadership of the AFL-CIO has made clear that it no longer represents American workers,” Trump wrote. “Instead they have become part of the rigged system in Washington, D.C., that benefits only the insiders.”

“I believe their members will be voting for me in much larger numbers than for her,” he added.

Trump pointed out that Clinton has made millions by essentially selling favors and special access to donors from Wall Street, various special interest groups and oppressive foreign governments.

He also noted that he was in agreement with Clinton’s Democrat primary challenger, socialist Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, on the matter of his opposition to major international trade deals such as NAFTA and the Trans Pacific Partnership, trade deals that tend to favor international corporations and foreign workers over American laborers.

“On immigration, Hillary Clinton sides with Wall Street too. Bernie Sanders correctly warned that open borders ‘would substantially lower wages in this country,’ and yet Hillary has put forward a plan that would completely open America’s borders in her first 100 days in office,” Trump stated.

“On energy, Hillary Clinton wants to shut down the coal mines, block the Keystone pipeline, and destroy millions of good union jobs through executive action,” he continued. “Her massive proposed increase in taxes and regulations will also send millions of jobs overseas.”

“Hillary Clinton will economically destroy poor communities, African-American and Hispanic workers on trade, immigration, crime, energy, taxes, regulation and everything else,” he added in his appeal to American workers.

In summation, Trump declared: “Hillary Clinton is the enemy of working people and is the best friend Wall Street ever had. I will fight harder for American workers than anyone ever has, and I will fight for their right to elect leaders who will do the same. I will be a president for ALL Americans.”

This is a great message, one that hopefully has not fallen on deaf ears. It would be great in fact if this message were circulated widely among the various union workers across the land.

It would be even better if it resulted in a veritable mutiny of union members from their bosses on Election Day, leaving the purported “union support” of Hillary as utterly hollow and meaningless.

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