Trump Delivers BRUTAL Independence Day Message to Hillary

While most people were enjoying an Independence Day holiday with friends and family, Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump didn’t take the day off when it comes to slamming Hillary Clinton. In a series of tweets on Monday morning, Trump blasted the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee for her inability to keep the country safe in the face of an active terrorism threat.

Trump cited the recent terrorist massacres in Iraq and Bangladesh as examples of what would “go on forever” if Clinton was elected to the Oval Office.

“In Bangladesh, hostages were immediately killed by ISIS terrorists if they were unable to cite a verse from the Koran,” Trump tweeted. “20 were killed!”

Then, in a tweet about the Baghdad attack, he argued that “we do not have leadership that can stop this!”

“Crooked Hillary will NEVER be able to handle the complexities and danger of ISIS – it will just go on forever. We need change!” he tweeted.

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