Trump Drops 4-Word Hint About Selecting THIS Senator For His Vice President

Now that Donald Trump has the necessary delegates to be the Republican nominee for president, everyone has been waiting to hear who the billionaire businessman’s vice presidential pick will be.

Trump and his staff have dropped several hints over the past few weeks, and The Daily Caller reported that the media is now buzzing after Trump stated that Alabama senator Jeff Sessions was “somebody I would consider” as a vice presidential pick.

“You know, Jeff Sessions has never endorsed a presidential candidate before, as many years as he’s been in the Senate. So Jeff Sessions certainly is somebody that I would consider, absolutely. He’s a fantastic person,” Trump said.

As a word of caution, Trump has made similar remarks about anyone the media asks him if he is considering.

Trump wants to keep his vice presidential pick under wraps — the man knows something about drama and showmanship — so he simply says that he is considering anyone the media asks him about. That way it is impossible to tell if he is being serious or not.

Sen. Sessions certainly seems open to the possibility of being Trump’s vice president, as have many people widely considered to be potential Trump picks.

“If I could help him in some way — and he were to ask me — I would consider it like any other citizen should,” Sessions said.

Trump has stated that he wants a vice president with political experience, and he wants him or her to be someone familiar with Capitol Hill so that he will have an easier time getting his agenda passed through Congress.

This would suggest that Trump is eyeing current or former members of either the House or Senate. Sessions certainly fits that description, as does former House Speaker Newt Gingrich and a host of other politicians.

Ultimately we won’t really know who Trump’s vice presidential pick is until he formally announces it, but until then it is fun to imagine who it could be.

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