Trump Drops Bombshell About Next 9/11… Obama Absolutely Furious

GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump made a chilling prediction about the next terrorist attack in America — and it’s not good.

During an interview on “The Green Line” radio program, Trump said that it would probably take another 9/11 to wake up the powers that be and strengthen border security.

“Bad things will happen. A lot of bad things will happen,” Trump said.

The billionaire businessman added there was no doubt in his mind that there would be terrorist attacks on American soil again.

“There will be attacks that you wouldn’t believe. There will be attacks by the people that are, right now, that are coming into our country,” he said.

Predictions like this no doubt make President Barack Obama furious because it will be his refugees or illegal aliens — the ones he allowed to come into our country — who will be responsible, ultimately linking him to any attacks.

Unfortunately, an attack like this wouldn’t come as a complete shock because we’ve known for some time now that terrorists are crossing the border under the guise of being refugees.

In addition, reports have indicated that some terrorists do intend to cross the border and carry out terror attacks.

Trump said that the country has enough difficulty right now “without letting the Syrians pour in,” and while we don’t know that terrorists are Syrians, we don’t know that they aren’t, either.

“We don’t know where they come from; we have no idea. They could be ISIS. They could be who knows, but we’re going to stop that immediately,” he said.

Listen to the interview below:

Many people agree with Trump that it’s not exactly a matter of “if” but “when” terrorist refugees succeed in another major attack like 9/11 unless something is done now to prevent it from happening.

We can begin by not allowing another Democrat in the White House.


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