Trump FINALLY DEMOLISHED Clinton Leads in ALL Swing States

According to the latest CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll released Sunday night, Donald Trump has finally demolished all Hillary Clinton leads in all swing states. he is currently tied with her at 42% nationally.

When all the swing state polls are averaged together, the race for the White House is dead even between Democrat Hillary Clinton and Republican Donald Trump.

Clinton and Trump both stand at 42 percent support, according to a newly-released CBS News Battleground Tracker Poll.

Last week, Clinton was leading her Republican rival by 1 point. And over Labor Day weekend she was besting Trump by 2.

Pollsters looked at surveys from New Hampshire, and then Pennsylvania, Ohio, Michigan, Wisconsin and Iowa, along with Florida and Georgia, Virginia and North Carolina and the Western trio of Arizona, Nevada and Colorado – 13 states total.

The race looks pretty well baked, according to the likely with voters surveyed, with 73 percent saying they felt very strongly about their choice and another 19 percent saying they probably wouldn’t change candidates. Just 7 percent said they felt ‘somewhat strong,’ and thus could still change their minds.

More than half, 55 percent, of voters surveyed in those states want to see ‘big changes’ in the economy and politics in coming years, while another 43 percent would like to see some changes.

Just 2 percent were OK with there not being much change.

So while a huge majority would like to see change, voters were split on many other issues.

For example, 39 percent said the economy was fairly good, while another 37 percent said the economy was fairly bad.

Among those who thought the economy was good, the biggest chunk, 48 percent, gave credit to President Obama for giving it a boost, with very few, 5 percent, saying Congress was a ‘big reason’ for its improvement.

Those who thought the economy was bad blamed Obama the most, 67 percent, followed by Americans’ inability to find jobs, 60 percent.  Fifty-four percent said Congress was a big reason too.

When respondents were asked their opinion of what they thought when they hear the economy has improved,  42 percent responded that maybe that’s the case for some, but ‘it’s not for people like me.’

Another 53 percent said they don’t hear people saying the economy has improved.

All survey respondents were asked who gained the most in recent years. Sixty-four percent said banks and financial firms, 60 percent said large businesses and another 41 percent said recent immigrants to the United States.

The biggest economic losers were blue-collar and service industry workers said 70 percent, followed by ‘people like you,’ said 52 percent.

Overall, 60 percent of survey respondents from the 13 states said the economy was unfairly ‘rigged.’

Tying the voters’ thoughts on the economy to their candidate choices, 53 percent of Clinton voters said they were choosing the Democrat because they thought she would make the economy better.

Another 47 percent of Clinton voters were worried that Trump would make the economy better for them.

On the flip side, 59 percent of Trump voters were choosing the Republican because they thought the economy would improve under the billionaire businessman.

Forty-one percent were selecting Trump as a vote against what Clinton would do to the economy.

Even more dramatically, 46 percent of all respondents said they feared the country ‘might be damaged beyond repair’ if Clinton were elected, while 49 percent said the same of Trump.

Thirty-five percent said Trump would make the country ‘better than ever,’ while a smaller percentage, 22 percent, said the same of Clinton.

Further adding fuel to the idea that The Donald is considered a bigger changemaker by his voters, 49 percent said a vote for the Republican was a vote to change politics-as-usual, while 9 percent said a vote for Trump was for Trump himself.

As for the recent headlines plaguing the presidential candidates, voters were split on their views of Clinton’s recent health problems and Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns.

While 51 percent said they agreed with the statement that Clinton’s pneumonia was a a problem because of disclosure, not with her health, another 49 percent disagreed.

Fifty-four percent said the pneumonia health scare raises bigger issues about her health, while 46 percent disagreed.

And then 53 percent said they didn’t care and it was blown out of proportion, 47 percent said they disagreed with that statement.

 When it comes to Trump’s finances and taxes, 60 percent agreed that it was an issue of disclosure and not finance, while 40 percent disagreed.

 Fifty-three percent said his refusal to release his tax returns raised larger questions about his management ability, while 47 percent said they disagreed with that statement.

Finally, 48 percent said they didn’t care about Trump’s taxes and finances and thought the whole issue had been blown out of proportion. Finally, 52 percent disagreed with that.

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