Trump Gets Jaw-Dropping Boost From Hispanic Pastor… Hillary Is HATING Life Right Now

A top Hispanic evangelical pastor went on Fox News and proudly endorsed Donald Trump for president this week, putting the lie to the liberal contention that the presumptive Republican nominee for president has no support in the Latino community.

Pastor Samuel Rodriguez is the head of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference. He says that Trump’s pledge to keep Christians safe is the main issue in the election for him.

“Here’s where I resonate with Donald Trump,” Pastor Rodriguez told “Fox & Friends” Tuesday. “On religious liberty, on the sanctity of life, on addressing Christian persecution around the world, but not only around the world, but here in America.”

Watch an excerpt of his key comments here:

“He speaks truth to power,” Rodriguez said, while acknowledging he had issues with some of what Trump says.

“There are on occasions where, I admit, I have issues with, there are little nomenclatures and Scriptures and aspects of the rhetoric,” Rodriguez said. “All of us have.”

“He speaks truth,” Rodriguez added. “He’s not politically correct.”

Rodriguez brought up one of the most overlooked points in this campaign: While Donald Trump may be harsh on illegal immigration, the Hispanic community is far more religious than America as a whole, and much more religious than the mainstream Democrat Party (not that that’s setting the bar very high).

Neither Hillary Clinton nor her former boss, President Barack Obama, have done anything to protect religious liberty at home or abroad (unless, that is, you consider enabling religious fanatics to enact their sadistic Bronze Age fantasies on their beleaguered charges a form of “religious liberty”).

Both have spent the last eight years systematically assaulting religion both at home and abroad. Persecuted Christians receive little attention from Obama, Clinton or the State Department. Meanwhile, refugees with possible links to the Islamic State group are let in without more than a cursory background check.

Voters, is this what you want? The president of the NHCLC doesn’t think so, politically correct or not. We don’t think you want this, either.

Hillary ought not to count her chickens before they hatch, at least as it pertains to the Hispanic vote. Once they realize how little she values religious liberty, there are going to be a lot of voters switching sides.

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