Trump Gets MAJOR Religious Endorsement… This Could Be a Game-Changer

While at the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to Majority conference Friday in Washington, D.C., presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump received an official endorsement from a major figure in the evangelical community.

According to The Hill, evangelical leader and Faith & Freedom chairman Ralph Reed, considered to be a leading Christian figure on the right, gave Trump his stamp of approval, referred to him as a “good friend” and urged evangelicals to go out and vote for him in November, despite his imperfections.

“Unlike a lot of our friends on the other side, we’re not looking for a political Messiah,” he said, noting that that the only example of perfection in human history is that of Jesus Christ.

He added that Trump was but a vessel designed to serve God, who “uses imperfect people to achieve his perfect will.”

When the billionaire candidate then himself took the stage to speak, he reportedly received a minute-long standing ovation.

“Together, friends, we will chart a new optimistic course for America,” Trump said during the speech. “We will restore faith to its proper mantle in society.”

His speech was unfortunately interrupted by a few radical Code Pink protesters, but they were quickly escorted out of the event, after which the crowd reportedly began chanting “Trump! Trump! Trump!” and “USA! USA! USA!”

One man even chanted, “Build that wall! Build that wall!”

As Reed made clear, the presumptive nominee is by no means the perfect Christian conservative candidate. There are a lot of areas in which he could use improvement.

More importantly, he is the person best equipped to fix America’s trajectory and lead it back toward prosperity of the two or three individuals in the country with an actual measurable chance of becoming president, and therefore deserves the vote of anyone who thinks the country has been on the wrong trajectory for the past eight years.

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