Trump Gets Massive New Business Backer, and He Could Bring Entire STATES With Him

Coal miners and workers play a critical role in the general election — and more specifically, in swing states. That said, Trump’s latest endorsement could carry a ton of weight with key battleground states.

On Monday, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump met privately with coal mogul Bob Murray. During the engagement between the two, many questions were exchanged and many answers were provided, according to SNL Financial. Upon the conclusion of the meeting, Murray officially endorsed Trump, stating that he’s “got his head on right.”

The vital swing states of Pennsylvania, Colorado and Ohio are the fourth, 10th and 11th largest coal-producing states, respectively.

The former backer of Sen. Ted Cruz didn’t appear apprehensive in his support for Trump, claiming he’s “the horse to ride.”

This endorsement came a couple of months after Hillary Clinton’s remarks about putting coal companies out of business. However, that’s what liberals do — they put people out of work.

In his speech after the private meeting, Murray said that there was only one thing that can be said to coal miners who lose their jobs and cry in the coal giant’s office.

“Democrats,” he stated. “That’s all you can say.”

The entire climate change argument is a fraud — it’s just another way the government can make things more inefficient and grab more power. The “clean energy” bandwagon Democrats often jump on is neither helpful nor clean. The idea that sustainable energy can come from unsustainable sources is just silly.

The sun doesn’t shine 24 hours a day and the wind doesn’t blow consistently, plus both of these energy sources are expensive to gather and maintain. Ironically, since they aren’t perpetuating sources of energy, they have to be backed up by — you guessed it — natural gas and coal. You know, the “dirty stuff.”

In conclusion, Trump hasn’t provided an in-depth energy plan yet, but he’s expected to release one soon. Murray’s endorsement says a lot about what we might expect to see in it.


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