Trump Gets SHOCK News From Dem State… Hillary Campaign Goes Full Panic Mode

A shocking new poll showed presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump trailing Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton by only four points.

Specifically, the poll by Monmouth University showed Clinton leading with 38 percent of registered voters. Another 34 percent vowed to vote for Trump, while 11 percent planned to support a third-party candidate and 15 percent remained undecided.

The poll was conducted between May 23 and 27 with a sample of 703 registered New Jersey voters and a margin of error of 3.7 points, making the results a statistical tie.

Why though does news of Trump losing to Hillary (albeit by the slimmest of margins) matter so much? Because New Jersey has been a Democrat stronghold since the 1992 election — and the fact that it has apparently become so competitive bodes very badly for liberals.

It appeared that perhaps some New Jerseyites had grown sick and tired of living on the horrid Democrat plantation. Good.

Hillary vs Trump Election Results

However, the poll did contain one huge warning about the implications of a potential third-party candidate entering the race.

When Monmouth University added Libertarian Party nominee Gary Johnson and Green Party candidate Jill Stein to the matchup ballot, Trump’s support dropped to 31 percent, while Clinton’s rose to 37 percent — still a statistical tie, but obviously one slightly less favorable to The Donald.

Hillary vs Trump vs Third-Party Candidates Results

The “Never Trump” squad of bellyachers had better take a close look at the chart above, because it offers a glimpse of our possible future if a third-party candidate jumps into the race — and that future could be one of defeat for the Republican Party and in fact America.

So long as the battle is between just Trump and Clinton, the billionaire candidate has a legitimate chance to win the White House and steer this nation away from the disastrous policies put in place by Barack Obama.

This is very frightening news for Clinton, very good news for Trump and, hopefully, very eye-opening news for the “Never Trump” stooges.

H/T The Daily Caller

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