Trump Goes Nasty On Hillary With Brutal 3-Word Slam… And He’s Just Getting Started

Presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump took his attacks against Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton to a new level this week by tagging her with a brutal 3-word slam.

“That’s why I call her ‘Crooked Hillary,’” he said when asked during an interview with Breitbart about how she went from being “dead broke” to being worth hundreds of millions of dollars. “She’s crooked as hell.”

The interview centered mainly around Trump’s response to the upcoming premiere of “Clinton Cash,” a scathing documentary based on a book of the same name. It details Clinton’s history of corruption, including the way she and her husband, former President Bill Clinton, raked in millions of dollars by giving speeches and promising to do certain things.

“They made speeches for a lot of money and then things happened,” Trump added.

The billionaire candidate also mentioned the way Clinton suspiciously turned $1,000 into nearly $100,000 in the late 1980s by trading cattle futures contracts.

“She made a cattle deal, and she made a phenomenal return in a very short time,” Trump explained. “They went to various cattle ranches, and they all said it’s impossible. In other words, she bought cattle and sold it — she made a massive return in a very short period of time. All these cattle people said it was impossible to do.”

Many have suspected foul play, and frankly, it would not come as a surprise.

Concluding his interview, Trump commented on reports that a sizable number of Democrat voters have pledged to support the presumptive GOP nominee if Clinton wins the Democrat nomination against challenger Sen. Bernie Sanders.

“Because they know that I’m going to make the country safe and they know I’m going to make great trade deals,” he said. “One thing with Bernie that he’s got right is the trade deals are a disaster in this country.”

He added, “The difference is he can’t do anything about it — he wouldn’t know where to begin — whereas I’m going to make bad deals into great deals.”

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