Trump: Halt all immigration from countries with proven history of terrorism

Gauntlet thrown down.

While Democrats and the media yelp about gun control, Donald Trump has returned to a familiar proposal – but this time with a bit more definition to how it would work and why. He’s not talking about temporarily banning all Muslims from entering the country this time, but he is proposing to halt immigration from countries from whom it’s been proven there’s a history of terrorism:

“The immigration laws of the United States give the president powers to suspend entry into the country of any class of persons,” he said during his national security address in New Hampshire.

Speaking one day after 49 people were killed at an Orlando nightclub by a gunman who pledged allegiance to ISIS, Trump put much of the blame on U.S. immigration policies that allowed the shooter’s parents to enter the country from Afghanistan.

“I will use this power to protect the American people. When elected, I will suspend immigration from areas of the world where there is a proven history of terrorism against the United States, Europe, or our allies, until we fully understand how to end these threats.”

Trump said he’s heard people vindicating his previous call to temporarily ban Muslim immigration, which came in response to the shooting in San Bernardino, Calif., earlier this year, elaborating on that proposal and calling for America to take control of its borders.

“It will be lifted, this ban, when, as a nation we are in a position to properly and perfectly screen these people coming into our country. They are pouring in and we don’t know what we are doing,” he said.

Lest you shriek that this is “unprecedented,” know that Jimmy Carter banned immigration from Iran during the hostage crisis. Trump is correct that presidents havet his power, and I’d say he’s correct in proposing to apply it in this manner. While Democrats propose to respond to the threat of terrorism by taking guns away from everyone – even those who might be in a position to use their guns to prevent such an attack – Trump proposes to go to the source and keep the people who are most likely to commit acts of terrorism from entering the country in the first place.

I suppose they could still come in illegally – especially if the U.S. remains determined not to secure its own borders – but then that’s also a policy Trump at least says he wants to change.

You know perfectly well that the media and the Democrats will do everything they can to paint this as racist, but it’s not about anyone’s race. It’s about a pattern of behavior originating in certain countries, and refusing to continue dealing with people from those countries in the manner we have until now – which is to say, “Come on in!”

Only a suicidal nation, or one whose leaders take such a dim view of the country that they’re not willing to do whatever it takes to protect it, would put political correctness over national security and oppose such an idea given everything that’s happened – from 9/11 to Fort Hood to San Bernardino to Orlando.

Hello. Radical Islamic terrorists will kill as many Americans as they can, as often as they can. Recognizing this is not “giving in to fear.” It’s refusing to put one’s head in the sand like an ostrich, refusing to look at what’s right there in front of you so you can avoid dealing with it.

I’m getting tired of saying “whatever his faults,” when talking about Trump. Every candidate has his flaws, and Trump certainly has his. But on the issue of terrorism, which is literally life and death for God-knows-how-many Americans, Trump is serious while Hillary carps about guns.

This is not even close.

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