With the election just around the corner, and the two most prominent nominees entering the most serious phase of the presidential campaign, both Trump and Hillary are making great efforts to raise the enthusiasm and sustain their positions in terms of ideology.

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For supporters of Republican nominee Donald Trump, much of this effort has revolved around evangelical Christian voters. Leading the charge throughout the election cycle has been David Lane, a Christian conservative who founded the American Renewal Project.

After spending much of the primary season organizing fellow evangelicals to seek public office and otherwise engage in local and national politics, Lane is now focused on encouraging Christians to make it to the polls in November.

Through a series of “Pastors and Pews” events staged in battleground states across the nation, Lane explained to Western Journalism that his multifaceted mission is at this point focused on one overarching pursuit.

“We have one job to do,” he said, “turn evangelicals out to vote on Nov. 8.”

As for his goal to encourage Christians to seek public office, Lane said that aspect of his activism has already begun to see results.

“We have 200 evangelical pastors running for city council, county commissioner or school board in 2016,” he said. “An additional 200 have committed to run in 2017-2018.”

While his get-out-the-vote campaign is naturally associated with the candidates at the top of the ticket, Lane had some advice for Christian conservatives unsure of either major-party nominee.

“From my distance, this election has little to do with Donald J. Trump,” he said. “I’m not sure leaders trumpeting ‘NeverTrump’ recognize that. America’s survival is on the line.”

In an opinion piece he wrote earlier this year, however, Lane did mention the repercussions he feels America would face if Clinton becomes president.

“The progressives she will stack on the Supreme Court alone will set back America for a century,” he wrote.

Acknowledging he doesn’t “have a clue” how Trump would fare in the role, Lane nevertheless concluded evangelical conservatives have “an easy choice” in determining which candidate would “inflict the least damage to freedom and liberty.”

Other groups, including the nonpartisan My Faith Votes, are staging similar efforts aimed directly at Christians.

Almost every U.S. household with a TV see the presidential ads where Sealy Yates, the founder of My Faith Votes, elaborated the organization’s plain and transparent plan before the final, and most important, November election.

“This is by far our most ambitious attempt to date at reaching America’s 90 million evangelicals with the message that their vote in this year’s election truly matters,” he stated.

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