Trump: Humanitarian aid depends on ‘how friendly’ countries are

Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump said that he would determine whether to provide humanitarian aid to a country based on how “friendly” it has been toward the U.S.

In interviews with The New York Times published Saturday, Trump said that he was generally in favor of humanitarian intervention depending on the country.

“I’d have to see what’s going on in the region and you just cannot have a blanket,” the business mogul said, according to a transcript of the interview.

“The one blanket you could say is, ‘protection of our country.’ That’s the one blanket. After that it depends on the country, the region, how friendly they’ve been toward us. You have countries that haven’t been friendly to us that we’re protecting. So it’s how good they’ve been toward us, et cetera, et cetera.”

In the lengthy interviews with the Times, Trump suggested he would reevaluate long-standing U.S. alliances and called for more reimbursement for U.S. efforts to protect its allies, including Japan and Saudi Arabia.

Trump has been heavily criticized on both sides of the aisle for his foreign policy views, which include temporarily banning Muslim immigrants and targeting the families of terrorists.

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