Trump: I Don’t Need A United Republican Party To Win

A lot has been made about the contentious nature of the GOP primary and the division it has sewn in the Republican party. No matter who wins the Republican nomination at July’s convention, the party is likely to remain deeply divided. However, GOP frontrunner Donald Trump doesn’t seem to be phased by the prospect of carrying the standard of a divided party.

“Look, the party should be united. Does it have to be? No,” Trump said on Monday’s Hannity. “I think I could win without having a perfectly united party.” Trump went on to say that there are certain people whose endorsement he doesn’t need, including party insiders like South Carolina Senator Lindsay Graham.

Trump believes that he can make up for any division in the party by cutting into the Democratic electorate, specifically disaffected Bernie Sanders supporters.

“The voters are getting to know me,” Trump told Sean Hannity. “The people that are with Bernie Sanders – the young people – I really believe they’re going to come over and vote for me.”

Watch Sean’s Interview with Donald Trump on Monday’s Hannity:

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