Trump Is All Smiles After Getting Epic Present From Seal Team 6 Commander

Rep. Ryan Zinke of Montana isn’t just a Republican member of the 114th Congress. He’s also a former commander of the legendary SEAL Team 6 — you know, the one that took out Osama bin Laden.

In an interview with Breitbart that was published yesterday, Zinke gave Donald Trump one of the best presents The Donald could have hoped for — his endorsement.

“The Democrats are besides themselves because they don’t understand Trump,” the former SEAL Team 6 commander said about the presumptive Republican nominee. “They don’t understand, you don’t get between the American people — because Americans are upset. Absolutely.”

While it was always unlikely the Montana Republican was going to join the #NeverTrump crew — he once legendarily referred to Hillary Clinton, Trump’s likely opposition this November, as “the antichrist” — Zinke said he was willing to help Trump in any way that he could.

That would include accepting the vice presidential nod or a spot in the Cabinet, or working in Congress to help pass Trump’s agenda.

“I know my name has been thrown around, and I would be honored to the duty in whatever capacity that is,” Zinke said. “I’m honored to be a congressman. I would be honored to be a part of the Cabinet. I would be honored to be the vice president. I would be honored to do my duty. You know why? It’s about making America great again.”

Zinke said that for someone like him who cares about national security, the choice was easy.

“There’s a few points,” he said, when asked why he was endorsing Trump.

“One is we need a commander in chief who supports our troops rather than abandoning them in Benghazi. I still remember in Benghazi because I lost friends there. Secondly, I think we need a commander in chief that honors the sacrifices of those in combat rather than lying about being there — and thirdly, we need a commander in chief that will hunt down terrorists rather than releasing them from Gitmo.

“And lastly, we need a commander in chief that understands peace is only gained through strength rather than a policy of retreat and defeat. I watched as we all watched when Hillary Clinton disdained the uniforms of the Marines, she has lied on the tarmac in Bosnia when she said ‘I ran through sniper fire.’ I was there … in a lawn chair on the other side of the runway.”

While Zinke’s official endorsement won’t occur until later this week, when he appears with Trump back in his home state of Montana, one thing’s for sure: This SEAL Team 6 commander just gave Trump a massive gift.

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