TRUMP IS BEING SABOTAGED! Look What Sick Thing Twitter Just Did to His Account!

GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump’s twitter account was probably sabotaged by the liberals over at Twitter, who attempted to hide Trump’s donations on his timeline so if someone opened his account wouldn’t be able to sponsor him.


No wonder Hillary Clinton keeps getting so much money! She isn’t getting screwed by a bunch of tech nerds!

I know you are already furious, guys, but you need to brace yourself for what’s next.

The lying, cheating, liberal pieces of trash at Twitter actually went as far as to limit the reach of Trump’s economic policy posts!

Just take a look for yourself. Normally he has 20,000+ retweets, this one ONLY HAS 85!


And you know Zuckerberg and his Facebook goons are no better.

It is basically like the entire San Fransico Bay Area is a giant Dildo designed by Hillary Clinton to screw Donald Trump.

Luckily, that’s why were here. We will be a sort of firewall for Trump and all reasonable people out there, to give room to all who vote with their will, not the will of the liberal media, and hopefully, ensure Trump a seat in the Oval Office in November.

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