Trump Is Only Candidate With Potential To Qualify for Nomination Before July

If Trump reaches 1,237 delegate threshold, the Establishment’s dreams of a contested convention can be crushed.

In Donald Trump’s public letter to the American people Thursday, he stated, “My campaign strategy is to win WITH the voters. Ted Cruz’s campaign strategy is to win despite them.”

In an Associated Press editorial on Saturday, Stephen Ohlemacher said Trump is the ONLY candidate with a realistic chance of reaching the 1,237 delegates required to lock in the GOP nomination before the July convention – AND he can do it without having to depend on any of the approximately 150 unbound delegates.

Neither of Trump’s rivals, Ted Cruz nor John Kasich, can possibly reach the qualifying number, said Ohlemacher – their only hope of receiving the nomination is through delegate votes in a contested convention.

Donald Trump must focus on winning over the voters in the upcoming primaries:

April 19 – New York

April 26 – Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Delaware, Maryland and Rhode Island

May – Indiana, Nebraska, Oregon, Washington State and West Virginia

June 7 – California, New Jersey, South Dakota, Montana and New Mexico

His rivals are focused on stopping him… and then winning over the delegates at the GOP convention in Cleveland.

In his public letter, Trump said, “We must leave no doubt that voters, not donors, choose the nominee.”

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