Trump Is Smiling From EAR TO EAR After The News He Heard Just Moments Ago…

Tens of thousands of Democrats hate Hillary Clinton. Ordinary Americans are not supporting her and it’s because she hates them. They don’t think that Hillary will provide the changes that America needs.

*** They think that she is an outright liar and many of them are leaving the Democratic party to support Trump!


Christian Rickers told FOX Business network on Tuesday that that millions of Democratic voters are switching their voter registration in Ohio and Pennsylvania to vote for Trump.

“We have over a million Trumpocrats signed up all over the country. Over 800,000 that we identified in ten counties in Pennsylvania that are going to turn out for Donald Trump.”

This is a big deal, y’all. The Democrats across the country are flipping sides to support Trump.

Here is Rickers, who is the chairman of the Trumpocrats:

The reason for this is because Hillary Clinton is a fascist. She wants to create a globalist world where only the elite have any power and the people are peasants to giant corporations.


Let’s get more people on board the Trump Train. We have to win this or else America will become nothing but dust in the win.

Share this all over Facebook. We need to turn more of these people to turn away from the Democratic party. They are fascists and need to be stopped.

H/T: Liberty Writers News

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