Trump Issues EPIC Warning To Macy’s… Don’t Screw With “The Donald”

When billionaire businessman Donald Trump first announced his candidacy for president in 2015, he made his tough stance against illegal immigration and border security the centerpiece of his campaign.

Of course, that didn’t sit well with open-borders-loving liberals, and there was tremendous backlash against Trump, with numerous businesses severing ties with him over his allegedly “racist” statements.

One of those companies that sought to distance itself from Trump was Macy’s department stores, which ceased carrying Trump’s clothing line. That, in turn, sparked a backlash from Trump’s supporters, who began boycotting the store.

Now, nearly a year later, Trump is the presumptive GOP nominee while Macy’s has watched its stock plummet to roughly half the value it held before cutting ties with Trump, compelling it to close down a number of stores.

The Donald addressed the issue during a campaign rally Friday in Fresno, California, lamenting how his “friend” at Macy’s had been “very disloyal” to him in dropping his clothing line and reiterating that his supporters should continue to boycott the chain of department stores.

To be sure, Macy’s was already struggling in President Barack Obama’s anemic economy, but there is no question that the boycott by Trump’s supporters only hastened its apparent demise.

Unfortunately for Macy’s, while company executives thought they could appease a small but vocal number of protesters angry over Trump’s hard line against illegal immigrants, the store’s pandering to the left instead brought fire down from the much larger, much more fed-up silent majority — a collection of individuals who share Trump’s stance against illegal immigration  and choose to spend their money with businesses that share their opinions or at least aren’t vocally in opposition to them.

It will be interesting to see how Macy’s responds to a renewed pushback against its short-sighted decision to cut ties with a man who is only putting into words what many of Macy’s former customers have been thinking to themselves for years, if not decades.

H/T Jagruk Bharat

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