Trump Issues Huge Demand to Muslims… Conservatives Thrilled, Liberals Furious

In an interview with the United Kingdom’s ITV (via the BBC), Donald Trump urged Muslims to turn in other Muslims they suspected of terrorist ties, arguing it was the best way to build trust between the West and Islam.

Trump made the remarks after both British Prime Minister David Cameron and new London Mayor Sadiq Khan criticized his proposal of a temporary ban on Muslim immigration. In Prime Minister Cameron’s case, he said that Trump’s remarks were “stupid, divisive and wrong.”

Trump, however, said that he wasn’t going to be taking back the comments any time soon.

“It got people thinking. Whether it’s good for me or bad for me, I don’t really care,” Trump said.

Trump argued that “something very bad” was happening in regard to Islamic terror and that the West wasn’t paying attention to it.

“If you look at it worldwide, the world is blowing up. And it’s not people from Sweden that’s doing the damage, OK? We have a real problem and we have to discuss it.”

He said that it was up to Muslims to help end terror.

“They have to work with the police. They’re not turning them in. If they’re not playing ball, it’s not going to work out.

Trump also said he wasn’t anti-Muslim, but rather “anti-terror.” And while the political correctness brigade might not agree with him, the silent majority did.

“People that live in Great Britain and all over the world were saying Donald Trump is right,” Trump said.

The presumptive Republican nominee’s remarks, needless to say, re-infuriated liberals and were met with cheers among his conservative supporters. It’s yet more proof that no matter what, Trump isn’t going to back down — even if it means facing a lot of flack from Europeans and liberals alike.


Do you agree with Donald Trump’s remarks?

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