Trump Just Learned How Many Refugees Have Come To US Since Orlando, Instantly Takes Action

According to Brietbart, as of Thursday another 441 Syrian refugees were admitted to the U.S. since Sunday’s massacre of 49 club-goers at the hands of an Islamic radical. Dozens of those refugees were resettled in Florida, over the objections of Florida Gov. Rick Scott.

Because the federal government will not disclose identification information to the states where refugees are resettled, the governor expressed bewilderment and criticized the Obama administration for what Scott sees as blatant irresponsibility.

“The White House said they will not share that information with the Florida law enforcement. They said … those people have privacy rights,” Scott told Fox News. “What about our security rights? The security and making sure if you live in my state, you’re going to be safe. I’m responsible for the safety of the people in my state. I’m fed up with the fact that we’re not destroying ISIS. We’re not vetting these people; we’re not taking care of our own citizens.”

Donald Trump posted a link on his Facebook page to the Brietbart article which stated the Obama administration not only refused to pause its resettlement program after the Orlando, but the administration funneled many refugees into the state whose residents may still be grieving the loss of so many of their citizens.

Trump simply wrote, “NOT UNDER MY WATCH!” once again apparently doubling down on his call to cease and desist resettlement of Muslims, temporarily, until authorities can get a handle on the overarching problem of terrorism being committed in the homeland.

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