Trump Just Made a $140 MILLION Campaign Announcement – Hillary is FREAKING OUT

At this point in the general election campaign cycle, both campaigns – Donald Trump’s and Hillary Clinton’s – are at the stage where they must put everything they have into their efforts to win. They must schedule ad buys, add to their rally events, and grab as much “face time” with the American people as possible. It’s make or break time.

Veteran campaign strategist Kellyanne Conway, Donald Trump’s campaign manager and the first female campaign manager for a GOP presidential campaign, understands this full well. This is reflected in the campaign’s decision to maximize its exposure from this point forward. The Trump campaign is planning $140 million worth of advertising from now until election day, as reported by Politico.

This will be the Trump campaign’s first major ad buy across the whole of his quest for the White House. In contrast, Hillary Clinton’s campaign has been burning through money—not unlike how she is expected to govern should she win.

The breakdown of the Trump ad buy would include $100 million in television airtime. Another $40 million would be spent on digital ads spanning the range of new media and internet and cellular battlefields, according to senior communications adviser Jason Miller.

The planned ad buy signals a new approach for the GOP nominee, who has spent dramatically less in his campaign than his Democrat rival. Trump, a master of marketing, has capitalized on free media coverage, coverage of his large rallies, and his knowledgeable use of social media.

Through this week, the Trump campaign has only invested $22 million into TV and radio ads for the general election. Clinton, in contrast, has spent more than five times as much on those kinds of ads. Her ad buy tally stands, already, at $124 million.

The Washington Post reports that Hillary Clinton has raised close to $795 million dollars in campaign contributions including from donations ($413.7 million), party contributions ($239.9 million), and Super PACs ($141.3 million). She has just $68.4 million left in reserve.

Donald Trump has raised about half that amount: $403.1 million in campaign contributions. The breakdown for Trump’s contributions include: donations ($166.3 million), party contributions, ($219.2 million) and Super PACs ($17.5 million).

It doesn’t take a mathematician to see that Donald Trump has done infinitely more with dramatically less, and in the process, he has come from behind to take the lead nationally in many polls and many swing states—some never before considered vulnerable by Democrats.

Trump’s new ad buy will focus primarily on 13 states. It includes the key battleground states of Florida, North Carolina, Ohio, and Pennsylvania. It will also include hot new target states of Maine, New Mexico, and Wisconsin. $40 million of the ads will play on national television.

Let’s think about this for a minute. If Donald Trump can execute a successful presidential campaign for roughly half of what an established, inside-the-beltway, status quo politician spends, imagine how he will rein in spending when he assumes the presidency!

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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