Trump Just Made A Giant Announcement About Ben Carson After Locking Up Nomination

Ben Carson, whose outsider candidacy for the Republican presidential nomination flared briefly in 2015 before limping to a conclusion this spring, will play a role in selecting presumptive GOP-nominee Donald Trump’s vice president.

Trump told the New York Times on Wednesday that he does not plan to pick a running mate until July and will have in place a collaborative process to select the right person. Trump also noted he would be looking for a vice president with a political background to “get things done” in Washington.

“I’ll set up a committee, and that I will do soon,” Trump said. “I think on the committee I’ll have Dr. Ben Carson and some other folks.”

Carson said that with the GOP primary season over, Americans will come to know and respect Trump.

“He is not the monster that people clearly try to portray him,” he said of Trump.

Carson said the Trump campaign can win over African-American voters.

“The messaging has been lacking for Republicans. We are going to be talking about [how to] provide ladders of opportunity so that people can climb that ladder and become highly successful portions of the fabric of America,” Carson said.

He also said the challenge of defeating likely Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton will unite Republicans.

“You would have thought that after 2012 we would have learned the lesson, but we didn’t,” Carson said. “But now we just have some bigger wounds that have to be healed, but I think that the healing balm — the sap, the ointment — will be Hillary Clinton. When people begin to think about her and what she represents and the progressive ideology and how it’s going to destroy our financial underpinnings and our position in the world and empower our enemies.”

However, Trump said unity need not include everyone.

“I don’t want everybody,” he said Wednesday. “I don’t even want certain people that were extraordinarily nasty. Let them go their own way. Let them wait eight years or let them wait 16 years or whatever.”

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