Trump Just Put The Fear Of God In Capitol Hill With This 1 EPIC Promise To All Of Us!

We have a government ruled by parasites, which only do harm to this country, they live off it without improving it. It is a government that ruins the dignity of the people and use the nation the people have trusted them with their votes as their personal piggy bank.

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They are getting frustrated with the lazy attitude that many Americans view their own country. This is why we need to vote Trump. He is the anti-establishment candidate.

Trump has just made an epic promise to everyone in America. According to the Associated Press, Trump told an audience in North Carolina that he will look into enacting term limits for Congress.

Trump specifically told an audience member that “(w)e’re going to take a very serious look” at putting in term limits.

*** This could possibly take an amendment to accomplish!

Part of the mess that we are in in this country is that establishment politicians hang around Washington for half a century or more. They don’t represent the people anymore.

Trump then said at the end of the interview in North Carolina that he was “glad that I make the powerful a little uncomfortable now and again — including some powerful people in my own party.”

Now, this government is getting pretty anxious, and they should. They should be getting even more anxious with the general elections closing in since they’ve seen Trump’s capacity help this nation and has already started to realize his motto of making America great.


(h/t Conservative Tribune, Daily Caller)

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