Trump Learns 441 Muslims Let In U.S. Since Orlando… He Responds With 4 EPIC Words

The astonishing announcement by reporters this Thursday that the Obama administration has admitted 441 Syrian refugees into the United States since Sunday morning’s Orlando massacre did not sit well with presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump.

“NOT UNDER MY WATCH!” he wrote on Facebook immediately following the announcement.

By Friday morning, the post had already accumulated over 58,000 likes and 11,000 shares — and for good reason. Allowing more potential radical Islamic terrorists into the country was just plain wrong.

According to Breitbart, of the 434 refugees admitted into the U.S., only five were Christian. The rest were Muslims who may or may not believe that honoring Allah requires murdering “infidels.”

Moreover, the Washington Free Beacon reported last month that the administration aspired to reduce the processing time for refugees from two years to three months, despite warnings from officials that authorities lack the resources to properly vet the refugees within such a short time frame.

Obama might as well just put a sign on America’s back that reads “target,” because he seems hellbent on making it as easy as humanly possible for radical Islamists to enter the U.S. and commit acts of terror.

True leadership requires making tough decisions. In the case of the Syrian refugees, it means turning them away until such time as we can properly vet them, because though Americans desire to help the needy, we recognize that national security and safety trump such charitable concerns. We cannot help others if we are forced to devote resources to reacting to terror attack after terror attack.

As an ideologue, Obama lacks the pragmatism to recognize this. So instead of doing the smart and logical thing, he continues to place countless lives at risk by allowing his refugee resettlement program to continue undeterred.

Donald Trump, on the other hand, is neither an ideologue nor a fool; he’s a leader who recognizes that importing poorly screened refugees during a time of war is just plain stupid.

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