Trump Majorly Ticks Off Muslim Nation With Promise Obama Never Dared Make

Throughout the presidential race, presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump has shown that he won’t be afraid as president to take on countries that President Barack Obama has appeared to be fearful of angering.

The latest country to experience the wrath of Trump is Pakistan. On the fifth anniversary of the killing of Osama bin Laden, Trump vowed that under his administration Pakistan would release the doctor, Shakil Afridi, who helped us find bin Laden.

“I would tell them let (him) out and I’m sure they would let (him) out, because we give a lot of aid to Pakistan,” Trump said, according to Reuters.

Pakistan really wasn’t too fond of this idea and angrily lashed out at Trump, stating that he has no influence over Pakistan and the doctor’s fate would be determined by Pakistani courts, not the will of the president of the United States.

“Contrary to Mr. Trump’s misconception, Pakistan is not a colony of the United States of America,” stated Pakistani Interior Minister Cheudhry Nisar.

Nisar went on to explain that Afridi’s fate would ultimately be determined “by the Pakistani courts and the government of Pakistan and not by Mr. Donald Trump, even if he becomes the president of the United States.”

We’ll see how they feel about that when Trump is sitting in the Oval Office threatening to yank all foreign aid to Pakistan — something that probably should already have been done.

Many Republicans have long complained about the amount of aid the United States gives to the country that housed Osama bin Laden and has been used as a staging area for the radical Islamists of the Taliban and Al Qaeda.

Obama has been too weak to do anything about it, but hopefully a president Trump would be able to lay down the law.

H/T  Breitbart

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