Trump Makes Secret Moves To Prepare For Convention Battle… It’s About To Get REAL

GOP front-runner Donald Trump has reportedly begun preparing for the prospect of a brokered convention by studying and getting to know delegates.

“You try to learn as much as you can about everybody and figure out what makes them tick, what it is they think is important,” Barry Bennett, a Trump senior adviser, told ABC News. “We make sure of their ‘woo-ability.”

She added, “If they can be wooed they are going to get wooed, and they are going to get to know Donald Trump.”

This sort of fancy hobnobbing might seem elitist, but Trump’s success at a brokered convention could depend on it.

Such a convention is required if none of the candidates reach the 1,237 delegate cutoff during the primary and caucus elections.

During the first round of voting at brokered convention, the delegates would vote for the candidate chosen for them by the people. In subsequent rounds, many would be permitted to decide for themselves which candidate to support.

Further complicating the matter is that the fact that there are currently 130 unbound delegates who may vote for whomever they want during the first round because the candidates they were bound to dropped out of the race.

So unless Trump wins the favor of both bound and unbound delegates beforehand, there remains a strong possibility that they might choose to vote for one of his rivals either in the first round (for unbound delegates) or subsequent rounds (for bound delegates).

It therefore rests on Trump and his dedicated staff to woo them, though Bennett remained confident that his team could get the job done.

“In the end, all these unbound delegates want to be with the winner,” he said. “They want more money for their state party, they want the president to come visit their state. They are going to choose who it is they think is going to win.”

We’ll know soon enough whether she’s right.

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