Trump Picks Up Endorsement Of Former Bush Chief Of Staff Following Debate… This Could Change Everything

Former Chief of Staff for George H.W. Bush John Sununu made a surprising endorsement of Donald Trump following Monday’s debate.

“Donald Trump is the only candidate in this race who can bring bold change to Washington D.C.,” Sununu wrote in a statement. “I support the Trump-Pence ticket for their pro-growth agenda and commitment to protecting American interests. Republicans, Independents and smart Democrats need to come together to elect Donald Trump and Mike Pence.”

Trump thanked Sununu in a tweet on Tuesday afternoon:

Sununu had not made an endorsement during the GOP primary, but was seen as having campaigned against Trump during that contest, at one point suggesting that Trump could “ruin the Republican party.”

Sununu’s endorsement comes on the heels of his former boss, George H.W. Bush, announcing that he would be voting for Hillary Clinton.

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