Trump Posts Fiery Comeback To “Pocahontas” Warren… It’s On

In an ongoing Twitter war between presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump and Sen. Elizabeth Warren, Trump submitted his preference for Hillary Clinton’s vice president, while simultaneously escalating severity of his attacks.

“Pocahontas is at it again! Goofy Elizabeth Warren, one of the least productive U.S. Senators, has a nasty mouth. Hope she is V.P. choice,” Trump tweeted on Friday morning, according to The Hill.

A Clinton/Warren ticket would undoubtedly fall flat in November because more Americans will vote on the basis of merit over those who will vote with the minority elevation of the left.

As a quick side note, Warren and Sen. Bernie Sanders go hand-in-hand when it comes to political policy and productivity — they’re both socialists who have accomplished little in their congressional careers.

Recently, Trump been calling her Pocahontas because Warren claimed to be part Native American while she was a professor at Harvard University.

It’s rather mind-boggling to know that was she “smart enough” to nab a teaching gig at an Ivy League school — just look at the astute and dignified words sent Trump’s way:

“Donald Trump is a loud, nasty, thin-skinned fraud who has never risked anything for anyone and who serves no one but himself,” Warren stated during a speech at the American Constitution Society recently.

Well, he is a loud-mouth — but he’s a loud-mouth on the behalf of true, red-blooded Americans. Right now, Trump is the best choice by which we can end federal fiscal irresponsibility (or at least curtail it; it can probably never end) and reject the blatant stupidity the left pushes through Congress and various federal agencies on a regular basis.

To be quite honest, an in-your-face outsider is a recipe for disaster for the mainstream media and globalists because it’s exactly what America needs to stay on its feet — Trump is a wake up call, and Warren knows it.

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