Trump Receives Game-Changing Poll News Since Orlando Attack… Team Hillary In Full PANIC

As both the Republican and Democrat Parties have essentially narrowed their presidential fields down to one candidate each, the race for the White House has been heating up.

Recent polls had showed Democrat Hillary Clinton with a slight lead over Republican Donald Trump, but one tragic event has voters rethinking who they want as commander in chief for the next four years.

The terrorist attack in Orlando, Florida, early Sunday morning shook the country, but it also apparently shook up the presidential polls, as Clinton’s lead over Trump has dwindled 3.6 points since the massacre, according to Reuters.

On the day of the tragic shooting, Reuters had Clinton at 14.3 points ahead of Trump.

Less than a week later, however, the same poll had the presumptive GOP nominee only 10.7 points behind the former secretary of state.

The Reuters poll found that 45.5 percent of voters now support Clinton, while 34.8 percent back Trump and 19.7 percent currently support neither candidate.

Those numbers were down for Clinton, who registered 46.6 percent before the Orlando attack, but the Trump campaign saw a positive bump, as he was at 32.3 percent beforehand.

Voters also apparently felt more supportive towards the GOP candidate’s proposal to temporarily ban Muslim immigration into the country, as 41.9 percent supported the ban at the beginning of June, but after the attack, the poll found that number had risen to 45 percent.

But it wasn’t all good news for the GOP and conservatives, as the poll also found that support for some sort of increased gun control was up to 70 percent, a 10 percent increase from similar surveys between 2013 and 2014.

Regardless, the Trump campaign has a lot to celebrate with the recent polling, and although Trump would never be happy about a terrorist attack, the fact that his national security policies have resonated with voters is clearly a good sign for the GOP candidate.

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