Trump releases new ad targeting Clinton sex scandals. NBC appalled at the ‘new low.’

Their delicate sensitivities have been offended.

Yesterday, Donald Trump released a new web ad targeting the myriad Clinton sex scandals.  The spot uses the voices of Bill’s accusers who, if we heed Hillary’s advice, should always be believed.  Here’s the ad:

Of course, progressives are going crazy. They’re screaming about how these are “old” allegations and argue that Trump is nothing but a big meanie for bringing them up. Bill, they say, is not even running.

That’s true, but the woman who fiercely defended him (and attacked his accusers) is. She’s also stated that he’ll be front and center in her administration, so it would seem that Bill’s past – as well has her decision to tolerate and facilitate it – is fair game.

NBC, however, is having none of it.  They bemoan the “new low” to which Donald Trump has sunk, and decry the “salacious” clip.

To sum that clip up: NBC isn’t outraged that the would-be “first Husband” has a past of sexual misconduct and has been accused of rape. They’re outraged that Trump has proven himself to be an uncouth monster by having the gall to remind everyone.

If Hillary was a Republican, that would be their job. You can bet that this story would be front and center on every single nightly newscast, and the ad would be running on a constant loop at the top of every mainstream media website.  That’s not happening because Hillary must be protected – at all costs.

…and by the way, Hillary’s “Bully in the pulpit” line that she trots out at the end of that segment?  Yeah.  That’s one of the lamest attacks I’ve ever heard.  If that’s the best her army of writers can do, her candidacy is already over.

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