Trump RESPONDS to Hillary’s Nasty Attack On Trump Supporters, It’s PERFECT!

If you go to a Trump rally and ask one of us why we support him, you are liable to get a variety of different responses. In the process, you will also meet a diverse cross-section of Americana comprised of decent, hard-working folks. Well, to make a long story short, Hillary Clinton just called us all a “basket of deplorables,” and it did not take long for the Trump campaign to respond.

Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway had Clinton in utter contempt for insulting millions of Americans. 

Besides her “basket of deplorables” quote, Clinton also called Trump supporters “irredeemable” and “not America.”

Clinton’s handlers also said that some of these people are “just desperate for change” and it “doesn’t really matter where it comes from.” And just to show just how remarkably out-of-touch the Clinton campaign truly is, this spokesman actually put on that ridiculously false “compassionate” hat and said “those are people we need to understand and empathize with as well.”

Of course, Trump spokesman Jason Miller had another great response to Hillary’s “let them eat cake” comments:

“Just when Hillary Clinton said she was going to start running a positive campaign, she ripped off her mask and revealed her true contempt for everyday Americans,” Miller wrote. “Tonight’s comments were more than another example of Clinton lying to the country about her emails, jeopardizing our national security, or even calling citizens ‘super predators’ – this was Clinton, as a defender of Washington’s rigged system – telling the American public that she could care less about them.”

And here’s the rub, folks. The Clinton campaign not only insulted millions of us, they also did not walk them back. Oh no, they actually had the gall to double down.

Clinton spokesman Nick Merrill said that while not all of Trump supporters are members of the “alt-right,” which is Hillary’s term for the horribly “racist, homophobic, islamophobic” supporters we all supposedly are, but he claimed that these types of people “appear to make up half his crowd when you observe the tone of his events.”

Of course, Hillary’s statement just went too far, and it shows the hubris in her entire camp.

Much like Mitt Romney’s 47% comment was insulting to minorities and people of color, the fact Clinton was presumptuous enough to say we are all a “basket of deplorables” speaks to a key fact:

She is counting on you to have a short memory. She is counting on you to blindly overlook the fact that scandals have literally followed this woman around for the last 30-40 years.

For those of us who can’t stand the corruption of this woman, she has now reached a new threshold. She is an unrepentant crime boss who just spit in the face of all of her victims. She is the gang member who smirks in court.

In short, it is Hillary who is the true racist. It is Hillary who is the true bigot. If we give her enough time and a long enough rope, she will expose herself.

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