Trump Responds To Obama’s Transgender Rules… Conservatives Everywhere Agree

Presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump on Friday finally responded to the Obama administration’s aggressive push to force transgender bathrooms on all public schools.

“I believe it should be states’ rights and I think the states should make the decision,” he opined while speaking on ABC’s “Good Morning America,” according to The Hill. “They’re more capable of making the decision.”

The billionaire candidate reportedly reiterated that same position several more times throughout the day — first on NBC’s “Today” and then later on “Fox and Friends.”

“Right now I just don’t have an opinion,” he added. “But what I would like to do is I would like to see the states make that decision.”

While his decision may have irked a few social conservatives, who likely wished that he had taken a bolder stance against the Obama administration’s social engineering, it probably sat well with most conservatives, who have a strong affinity for traditional federalism.

Specifically, most conservatives have argued that this issue and others likes it should be dealt with either at the state level or at the local level by parents, teachers and school administrators.

Of course, both the Obama administration and the country’s many liberals disagreed with both sets of conservatives, in that they wanted to mandate transgender bathrooms via executive fiat, which is exactly what the administration tried to do.

Specifically, it demanded this week that all public schools open all bathrooms to students based on their self-proclaimed “gender identity” rather than their sex.

Trump understood the controversial nature of this issues and thus the repercussions taking a bold position might spur, so he opted this time to stick with an argument based on the Constitution. In doing so, he reduced the risk of backlash.

He also made it clear that, unlike President Barack Obama, he understood the importance of states’ rights and the 10th Amendment.

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