Trump SHAMES Louisiana Governor, Media After He Shows Up With 18-Wheeler Full Of…

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump arrived in Baton Rouge to show his support to those affected by the massive flooding–who knows what Clinton or Obama were doing.

Before he even arrived, he received criticism from the state’s governor–attacking Trump for what he believed to be a publicity stunt.

Whether it was to defend his party’s obvious absence or take a cheap shot at Trump, Democratic Governor John Bel Edwards skeptically referenced Trump’s trip to Louisiana as opportunistic.

Yet, Trump proved him wrong.

Not that you would know–the liberal media isn’t sharing this.

Trump’s luggage to Louisiana included an 18-wheeler filled with goods to provide to those in need.

I think Obama was over par on the golf course by that point.

When interviewed, Donald Trump just replied, “I’m just here to help.” The governor stood right beside him as Trump helped unlaod the goods off the truck.

Just as the flooding of Baton Rouge was overlooked by the media, so was Trump’s trip to Louisiana as he offered no hyperbolic statements but humanitarian aid.

The press, obviously, is not interested in showing that side of Trump.

H/T YoungCons, BPR.

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