Trump SLAMS Elizabeth Warren With 1 Word That Ought To Shut Her Up For Good

With the likelihood of a Trump vs. Clinton election this fall, could it also be Gingrich against Warren in a conservative vs. liberal matchup?

Many people have speculated that former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich has been auditioning to be Donald Trump’s running mate, should the real estate mogul become the official GOP nominee for president. Not only has Gingrich been all over the media for weeks supporting and defending Trump, the 72-year-old who represented Georgia in the Congress for two decades has just signaled he would, indeed, be open to a vice presidential nod should it come his way.

Now, given the fact that she’s become a lead attack dog for Hillary Clinton, there’s also speculation that Elizabeth Warren could be under consideration as the number-two on the Democrat ticket for 2016. And the Twitter war between the Massachusetts senator and the New York businessman is escalating as the insults fly back and forth.

The Hill notes that Trump mockingly referred to Warren as “Pocahontas” when asked by New York Times columnist Maureen Dowd if “he had been chided by any Republicans” for his tweet campaign against the far-left senator.

In March, Trump had attacked Warren for claiming she was part Native American in her application for a teaching position at Harvard. In response to Dowd’s question, The Donald quipped, “You mean Pocahontas?”

Warren has not hesitated in the least to fire back at the brash businessman after he’s given her the business, so to speak. In fact, her Twitter rampage has proven to be almost as prolific as The Donald’s well-known tweet-a-thons.

And that’s just a small sampling of Sen. Warren’s Twitter assault on Trump. On that same day, May 6, The Donald launched his own barrage of anti-Warren tweets.

Given the volume of reaction — retweets and favorites galore — to both sets of Twitter rants from each side of the political aisle, it’s likely the social media sniping between “goofy Pocahontas” and “the bully” will only become more intense.

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