Trump Slams Hillary By Revealing Truth About Why She Wants Bill In The White House

In what many view as a sign of desperation regarding her struggling presidential campaign, former secretary of state and front-running Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton has recently suggested that former President Bill Clinton would play a major role in her administration.

In fact, Hillary Clinton stated that she would appoint her husband as something of a “czar” over the economy, ostensibly because he did such a great job managing it during his term in office in the 1990s.

But some, including billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, have doubted Clinton’s reasoning for installing her husband so prominently in the White House, suspecting that there were ulterior motives.

During a Friday morning appearance on “Fox & Friends,” Trump suggested that the real reason Hillary wanted Bill in the White House with her was so she “can keep and eye on him,” according to The Hill.

One of the co-hosts put forward the notion that Hillary was merely trying to ride the coattails of Bill’s much higher favorability rating than her own, a notion that Trump seemed to dismiss.

“Maybe she’s saying that, or maybe she just wants him around the White House so she can keep her eye on him,” Trump stated, alluding to Bill’s documented history of following his wandering eye.

That answer right there is why Trump stands poised to be not only the GOP nominee, but quite possibly the next president. He is unafraid to put into words what many people will only think to themselves.

For seemingly the first time in modern history, there is a Republican candidate perfectly willing to charge headlong into the fray against his opponent, paying no mind to the political correctness and niceties that have proven to be stumbling blocks for most other Republicans and firing right back at a biased media by exposing the things they want to avoid talking about.

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