Trump Smacks Putin With EPIC 4 Words After Russian Jets Threaten U.S. Military

The Russian military, under the direction of President Vladimir Putin, have been acting provocatively of late, particularly in the Baltic Sea, repeatedly buzzing a U.S. Navy vessel with their fighter jets and doing barrel-rolls over our surveillance aircraft.

President Barack Obama has remained largely silent in the face of these provocations, which has seemingly only encourage Putin to push the envelope even further.

The topic of Russian provocation came up during a recent wide-ranging interview between CNN’s Wolf Blitzer and the presumptive GOP nominee, billionaire businessman Donald Trump.

As to Russia’s actions, Trump said they were a clear sign of Putin’s “lack of respect” for Obama and America. Asked what he would do about it if he were president, Trump said, “I would call him and tell him don’t do it again.”

“I would say don’t do it again,” he repeated with a hard look on his face, softening up a little as he added, “And I think I’ll have a good relationship with him.”

“So far we are off to a good start,” he said, almost with a chuckle, referring to some complimentary words Putin had for Trump not too long ago.

While some may dismiss Trump’s words as being too simple, in actuality they are just right, particularly the part about a “lack of respect.”

Nobody wants to become engaged in a major war, not even Russia, and it would quickly cease its provocative actions if its officials suspected that a real American leader would be unafraid to confront them and push back.

Counter-punching is one thing that Trump does well, and with the threat of a powerful military backing him up, it is much less likely that rivals or rogue nations would test Trump to find out how serious he is.

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