TRUMP SMELLS BLOOD! His Brutal Debate Warning Just Put the Fear of GOD in Hillary!

Hillary Clinton just made the worst mistake of her long and scandal-ridden political career. Donald Trump did not let it go by unnoticed. The liberal elitist and the successful businessman will meet on the debate stage for the first time on Monday.

Donald Trump posted the now viral tweet after he and the rest of America learned the Democrat had suddenly and mysteriously cancelled a swanky and likely very lucrative fundraiser today.

No explanation was given for Hillary Clinton’s decision to shut down the upscale fundraiser in North Carolina today.

It would have cost supporters $2,700 just to walk in the door and $33,000 to host a private reception for Hillary.

A guaranteed personal Hillary chairside experience reportedly carried a $100,000 price tag!

Why would the fundraiser-in-chief walk away from such a windfall?

Perhaps she just wasn’t feeling up to being on the campaign trail—again.

In August, Hillary only spent a grand total of eight days working, according to her posted event and appearance schedule.

The vast majority of her events last months were, of course, fundraisers.

One unofficial news poll revealed one in three Americans don’t think Hillary Clinton would make it out of a single term as president alive due to her alleged health issues.

Hillary Clinton is currently losing to Donald Trump in the key battleground state of North Carolina, so why do you think she nixed her fundraiser dinner in the state?

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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