Trump STUNS Media With New Financial Report… Then Slaps Down Bernie In One Sentence

Now that Donald Trump is the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, the media has shifted focus to the Democrat primary because the Republican primary season has essentially ended. While this would normally mean a drop in media coverage, Trump has mastered the art of mainstream media management and managed to make the media talk about him again.

The Hill reported that Trump filed a Personal Financial Disclosure form on Tuesday, and his campaign claimed that he filed for a net worth of over $10 billion.

Trump also chose this opportunity to take a swipe at Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders. Trump filed his form on time, while Sanders requested an extension.

“Despite the fact that I am allowed extensions, I have again filed my report, which is 104 pages, on time. Bernie Sanders has requested, on the other hand, an extension for his small report. This is the difference between a businessman and the all talk, no action politicians that have failed the American people for far too long,” Trump stated.

Trump is absolutely correct on this point. Sanders’ entire campaign is built upon more government regulation and more rules, yet Sanders himself can’t even follow the rules that are in place now.

Sanders, who has been a senator for decades, is just another politician who doesn’t understand how the real world works. Trump has been a businessman for years and understands that deadlines are serious matters.

Though Trump has filed this form, he has still declined to release his tax returns, arguing that his lawyers have advised him not to do so until an IRS audit has been completed.

Trump has taken flak from both conservatives and liberals who claim that Trump’s refusal to release his tax returns is proof that he is either not worth as much as he claims or is hiding some sort of shady business practice.

Donald Trump has stated that he has spent $36 million of his own money on his campaign so far. Going forward, Trump plans to accept donations in order to compete with the Clinton money machine in the general election.

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