Trump STUNS Media With What He Just Said About Megyn Kelly… Nobody Expected This

In trying to smear presumptive GOP nominee Donald Trump, Democrat front-runner Hillary Clinton has repeatedly made scurrilous claims about how he allegedly hates all women, including Fox News journalist Megyn Kelly — but what he said this weekend quickly put that rumor to rest.

“Hillary Clinton — the only thing she has going, she plays the woman card 100 percent,” Trump said while speaking with ABC News host George Stephanopoulos in an interview that aired Sunday. “I saw her in a speech, ‘Well Donald Trump spoke a little bit harshly to Megyn Kelly.’”

He added, “Well, Megyn Kelly was really terrific.”

You didn’t see that coming, did you, Hillary?

Check out the interview here. The Megyn Kelly comments start about the 4:10 mark.

He added that the comments he made about the Fox News host during the heat of their notorious feud stemmed not from some hidden animosity toward women, but rather from his years of being an entertainer.

“Some of the stuff is said as, you know, an entertainer, because I have ‘The Apprentice,’ or some of it was said in fun with certain shows like Howard Stern, who is a friend of mine,” he explained.

But when Kelly herself contacted the presumptive nominee to make peace, he graciously accepted and immediately stopped trash-talking her.

“She called me and came up to my office,” he said. “She wanted to make peace. And we did. We did. I mean, it was very nice.”

As for Hillary Clinton, Trump maintained that she had a lot of nerve to whine like a baby about Trump’s treatment of Kelly, given the past behavior of her own husband, former President Bill Clinton.

“You know, take a look at her husband and what do you think he talks to women?” Trump rhetorically asked.

Dirty. He talks to women in a dirty, inappropriate manner, as the numerous accusations of sexual harassment and assault that have been made against him show.

Granted, Trump made some pretty rough comments during his feud with Kelly, but let’s be real — a little trash-talking during a heated feud is nothing in comparison to what Bill did, which is why Hillary has no room to talk.

H/T The Daily Caller

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