Trump Supporters Beaten and Harassed By Violent Mobs… Trump Responds In EPIC Way

The very same anti-Donald Trump zealots who have repeatedly been heralded by the liberal media as “peaceful protesters” chose once again to act out violently and belligerently — this time when the presumptive GOP presidential nominee visited San Jose, California, Thursday for a campaign rally.

Such behavior has become almost commonplace this election season, though the antics seen Thursday were definitely more aggressive and troublesome than usual, not that Trump felt even the slightest bit threatened by it.

“Thank you for the incredible amount of support last night — San Jose, California,” he wrote on Facebook the following morning. “I love you all — we will deal with the thugs & criminals — we will build the wall — and Mexico will pay for it!”

Talk about a guy who is able to shrug off literally anything.

But while Trump’s nonchalant attitude toward the protesters’ behavior deserved praise, it did not take away from what the anti-Trump goons did.

According to numerous media reports, protesters chased after, taunted and even threw eggs and bottles at Trump supporters outside the San Jose Convention Center.

Dozens of fights reportedly broke out Thursday, the vast majority of them initiated by the “peaceful protesters” who consider Trump and his supporters to be hateful bigots.

It seems comical, given that the liberal media likes to agree with the protesters and act as if supporters of the presumptive nominee are indeed the hateful ones.

The anti-Trump thugs also surrounded the car of several Trump supporters and proceeded to shake them, damage them and even reportedly smash one of their taillights.

They also surrounded and caused damage to police cars, because obviously, there is nothing more insidious and evil in this world than a police officer who puts his or her life on the line everyday to protect law-abiding citizens from thugs and goons.


How likely do you think it is that liberal outlets like MSNBC, The Huffington Post, Salon and BuzzFeed will cover any of this behavior?

They might briefly write about these attacks, but trust me when I assure you with full confidence that they have no intention of pondering over the violent behavior of their own kind.

Nope. Instead they plan to bury the story as deeply as possible and then pivot their readers’ attention back to those evil Trump supporters who hate minorities, hate immigrants, hate everybody.

In fact, according to NewsBusters, CNN pundit Bob Beckel went ahead and just blamed Trump for the attacks.

“It reflects badly on people who are against Trump, but you’ll get that kind of thing when you get inflammatory statements like Trump makes, and you’re going to find people in any group of protesters — you’re going to have a percentage of people who are just very angry and out of control,” he said Thursday evening.

Except in groups of Trump supporters, apparently, since they weren’t instigating the violence.

What a load of complete and utter crap.

This is insanity, ladies and gentlemen — complete and utter insanity propped up by the Democrats, President Barack Obama and, of course, the liberal media, all of whom strive to stir up hatred among their base by making false accusations about Trump and his supporters.

Except that the growing evidence of photos and videos prove that the only ones who harbor hatred in their hearts are the same hypocrites who chant “Dump Trump” one second and then set out to harass, insult, beat up and even threaten Trump supporters the next.

These are the hateful ones. These are the bigots. These are the monsters who should be featured on the front page of every media outlet in the country.

But no, because these hateful monsters are liberals, these stories and images will soon disappear into the abyss and never be heard from again, because God forbid anybody expose the truth about the media’s beloved “peaceful protesters.”

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