Trump Tells Louisiana Democrat Governor To F*ck Off–Makes Obozo Look Like A Fool

When Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards found out Donald Trump was planning to visit his flood-torn state, his reaction was to be Democrat and make a fool of himself, denying his constituents media coverage and most likely a flood of money and donated clothes and food they desperately need:

Is this guy for real? Obama and Killary have completely ignored the flooding and the mainstream media is too busy lying about things Trump says or covering changes in his campaign staff, calling him names and impugning his dignity. Trump decided to give the little wuss the finger and go anyway. According to The Express Tribune:

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump visited Louisiana on Friday, as rescue crews and residents of the US state worked to recover from historic floods that left 13 people dead.

Trump and his vice presidential nominee Mike Pence toured some of the flood-ravaged areas and meet with local Republican leaders.

The visit came after days of criticism of President Barack Obama from some in Louisiana for not visiting the southern state reeling from the aftermath of massive flooding.

Some 40,000 homes were impacted by inundating waters and more than 86,000 people had so far registered for federal aid — with that number expected to grow.

Trump and Pence first met with disaster relief volunteers at a church outside of the state capital Baton Rouge.

Screw you, Obama. Surely you didn’t expect The Donald to take some BS political stand and decide and stay out of it? That’s right, Louisiana. Pay attention to who really cares about you.

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