Trump Tweets: I Agree With Obama

Considering the manner in which billionaire businessman and presumptive GOP presidential nominee Donald Trump has harshly criticized President Barack Obama for the past several years over his job performance, one wouldn’t expect to find much that they share in common.

However, Trump took to Twitter Friday morning to make the rare admission that he had indeed found something Obama had said that he was in full agreement with, which just so happened to be about his probable general election opponent, former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump tweeted, “I rarely agree with President Obama — however he is 100 percent correct about Crooked Hillary Clinton. Great ad!”

The ad Trump was referring to was one Obama’s campaign had run on the radio during the 2008 Democrat primary contest in South Carolina, during which Obama and Clinton were locked in mortal political combat.

The typical disembodied voice of standard political ads stated: “It’s what’s wrong with politics today. Hillary Clinton will say anything to get elected.”

“Now she is making false attacks on Barack Obama,” the voice over continued. “The Washington Post says Clinton isn’t telling the truth. She championed NAFTA, even though it has cost South Carolina thousands of jobs.”

“Hillary Clinton, she’ll say anything and change nothing. It’s time to turn the page,” the ad concluded, followed immediately by Obama’s own voice proclaiming that he had approved the message.

We find ourselves agreeing with Obama on this particular topic as well, much as it pains us to admit that.

Hillary Clinton is an utter disaster and as corrupt as they come. She would be even more of a travesty in the Oval Office than Obama has been, which is really saying something, as he has been horrifically damaging to our nation in a multitude of ways.

Hopefully Trump continues to slam Hillary from now until the election or until she drops out of the race due to legal or health issues, as this crooked and corrupt liar doesn’t deserve to be elected to any office, much less the presidency.

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