Trump was right again about China

Nancy Giuffre said: This is part of a two hour document. I implore all of you to get a copy of it and watch it. It will open your eyes even more about this corrupt country that need a leader that will take care of us. Go #TRUMP2016! #MakeAmericaGreatAgain

Caroline Aguilar said: TRUMP 2016 all the way to the White House! Vote America for our freedom from bad politicians and Washington corruption! Let’s make a difference and demand change! Civil Revolution 2016, lets make and change history!

Angelia Askew said: Our country has got itself in trillion dollars of debt . It’s going to take a smart business person to get us out of the hole the Democratic Party has got us in to alone with Obama… Which he’s vacation and played the most round of golf then any president in history. And gave billions of dollars to other country that does not even help our country. People better wake up and vote trump for 2016… Are your kids and grandkids will never have a chance with a future in America. Because the rate we going we going to lose American and its freedom before long. Get out and vote Trump 2016!


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