TRUMP WAS RIGHT!! Emails Prove Hillary Started ‘Obama Muslim’ Gossip, But That’s Not All…

One of the more ardent lies the Clinton campaign is steadfast on advancing is the lie that Donald Trump was the mastermind behind the “Obama is a Muslim” movement. It is a contention they repeat as often as an opening allows.

But not only is this not true, but it has now been proven – beyond argument – that the originating source for this narrative was the Clinton campaign itself. As reported by BizPac Review, a newly released Wikileaks email dump of John Podesta’s emails confirms that in 2008 Podesta, a Clinton pollster, and former Bill Clinton senior adviser Paul Begala, brainstormed Barack Obama’s vulnerabilities. In those brainstorming points was the subject of Barack Obama being Muslim.

The contention that Obama is a Muslim leads directly to the foundation for the “birther” movement. If Mr. Obama was indeed a Muslim that means he would have been deemed his father’s son with regard to nationality. That would have made him Kenyan at his birth and, therefore, not a “natural born citizen.” It would have disqualified him for the presidency based on the eligibility requirements.

This has been an attacking point for the Clinton campaign throughout this General Election cycle. Hillary Clinton has contended – on the campaign trail and in the debates – that Donald Trump was the originator of the “birther” movement and, therefore, believes Barack Obama to be a Muslim and a Kenyan.

But the newly released Podesta email from Wikileaks proves beyond argument that it was, in fact, the Clinton campaign of 2008 that posited the question of Barack Obama being Muslim. It was the 2008 Clinton campaign that incubated the birther movement.

In the email from “[email protected]”, a polling consultant, to Podesta and Bagala, several bullet points on Barack Obama’s vulnerabilities were outlined. Among them was the point about Obama being a Muslim.

Bullet point Number 7 read: “Obama (owe-BAHM-uh)’s father was a Muslim and Obama grew up among Muslims in the world’s most populous Islamic country.”

Both of these points are true. Obama’s Kenyan father was a Muslim. And Barack Obama, as a child, did spend his formative years living in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Islamic country.

But the exposure of this bullet point serves as proof positive that it was, indeed, the Clinton camp that saw Barack Obama’s Muslim father and his time in Indonesia as “political vulnerabilities.” This is the basis for the birther argument.

One can only hope that should Hillary Clinton bring this up in the third presidential debate – that is if her health will allow her to attend – that Donald Trump hits her right between the eyes with this inarguable fact. It will be fun to watch her numbers with Black voters plummet as she squirms to spin out of that truth.

H/T: Angry Patriot Movement

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